Our Story

As a dietitian and yoga instructor I have always believed in the power of eating whole foods as the foundation for healthy holistic living.


Eating plant-based colorful foods that are radiant and alive can make you feel radiant and alive. It’s true what they say: beauty comes from within. Starting your day with something healthy and vibrant makes you feel energetic and happy! Clean simple eating keeps your body and mind clear and open. When you make whole food plant-based eating the cornerstone in your lifestyle you feel your best. Keep it simple, clean and colorful...and watch yourself shine!


A few other basic philosophies of mine…

- be kind to the earth
- be kind to animals
- be kind to yourself

And one more…

- dark chocolate should be its own food group.

I’ve always loved all things chocolate. In addition to practicing yoga, being a voice for animals and trying to be (as) green (as possible), chocolate is my passion. When dark chocolate started getting some media buzz, I had the idea of using it as a vehicle for other healthy whole food ingredients. I thought that creating dark chocolate truffles with high antioxidant ingredients, while replacing the cream and butter with dairy-free ingredients, would be simple and fun. (ha! no one told me that you need a Food Science Degree to do this.) Months later and a few (many) frustrations I had six truffle flavors. They were pretty tasty but sure didn’t look pretty.

I knew that I had to call in the experts.

While attending lots of food shows, I consistently stumbled across (stalked) Theo Chocolate. I loved them and their philosophy. Each time I learned more about their cacao farms, commitment to organic and Fair Trade practices and was getting to know their friendly representatives. They finally agreed to help me (perhaps to make me go away). To this day I am forever grateful to Theo for giving me the opportunity and helping to make our vegan truffles silky smooth, melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Since we launched our truffles in late 2009/beginning of 2010 we have created more healthy treats with our munch line and peanut butter squares. Each bite has nutty yumminess, which also means lots of protein, fiber and wholesome goodness.

Nichole and Bella- Nichole and Isabella

(Disclaimer alert! This is not our kitchen, just a prop. No dogs allowed in the kitchen :)

Here are a few fun facts about our chocolates:

  • you will get a burst of natural energy from just a single piece (fyi, it’s not energy from a sugar burst, it's from the high theobromine content in our pure dark chocolate)
  • you will most likely find a favorite flavor and stick to it (please let us know  which is your favorite!)
  • each chocolate is made with whole food ingredients. For example the pumpkin trufle is made with whole pumpkin seeds that are ground into a pumpkin seed butter and our walnut truffle has more walnuts than it does dark chocolate!
  • our truffles are half the calories and half the sugar compared to traditional truffles
  • we donate 5% of our sales to our fav animal organizations: The Gentle Barn, Noah’s Ark, Mercy for Animals, and A Place to Bark. Check ‘em out. We ♥ them.
  • the name, nicobella, is a fusion of my name, Nichole, and Isabella, my little best toy poodle friend of the past 15 years (fyi, the ‘chocolate’ toy poodle was not planned).

We are excited to share our healthy treats with you! We truly appreciate the support and want you to join us in a healthy journey. Please join our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest communities and share your thoughts!

Also, feel free to email us at info@nicobellaorganics.com or call 866.613.8679 with questions and feedback.