What people are saying about nicobella organic chocolates

I sent Nicobella Organics as a "Holiday/Thanks for your business gift" to one of my clients and she just raved about them.  In fact, she told me that she now plans on ordering them herself as client "thank you's" for patient referrals. So... thanks for making me look good!

K. Pomodlik, CA

Just wanted to let you know that my wonderful chocolate has arrived and it is everything I had hoped for.  You have a really special gift with this.  Thank you for caring enough about animals, the earth and health to create something so delicious as well as beneficial.

-L. Huffman, OR

I've never tasted a truffle made without dairy that tastes so incredibly delicious. The way you use other ingredients is just genius.  And, then when I looked at the nutritional content...well, that was enough to make me double dip!

-A. Paddock, CT

Just wanted to let you know the truffles are divine!!!!! Yummy!


"These are amazing vegan truffles!!! I've been searching and searching and finally! I just want to thank you so much for creating these. I've been trying to satisfy myself on dark chocolate but they have a chalky flavor and I'm never satisfied, but these are just heavenly. And everyone needs to know about them. I'm going to send gift boxes to all my family chocolate lovers for the holidays. These are a true treat to not feel guilty about. " 

- Alison Gordon, Lake Balboa, CA

"...they are YUM!" Really loves them. we will order again....

- Rita R, San Mateo, CA (response from gift she sent to her daughter)

"The best guilt--free chocolate I've ever tasted. I enjoyed every morsel."

- Anna K, Southampton, NJ

"I have a passionate fondness for extraordinarily crafted chocolate truffles and have nibbled numerous collections from around the world (including truffles from Dubai that were fashioned from camel’s milk).   Who know that truffles deprived of conventional dairy cream and sugar could still be delectable and delicious.  The ladies and gentlemen at Nicobella Organics have outplayed the traditional take on truffles with their line of vegan organic dark chocolate truffles. The chocolate artistes at Nicobella Organics swapped the predictable dairy and sweeteners for nourishing and natural vegan ingredients. They also bestowed each delectably diverse truffle with super rich antioxidant foods like pumpkin, blueberries, flaxseed and green tea.  I have tasted the complete vegan collection of Nicobella Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Truffles and I am hard pressed to decide on just one beloved favorite. I sincerely adore each of the darling sweet truffles.  I fancy the nutty spirit of the Walnut Flaxseed Crunch and I genuinely adore the unpretentious and earthy savors of the matcha-kissed Ginger Green Tea truffle. On occasion, the uncompromising chocolate classicist in me hankers for the unaffected pure cocoa goodness of the Pure Cocoa Bliss Truffle. I am genuinely passionate about all that is Nicobella Organics!"    

- Shannon B, Woodinville, WA

"Well, what can I say to your products? First things first: I munched them away (yes, all of it) in no more than 4 days. To this very day, I am running up hills to let the popular saying "a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" not come true. So yeah, I suppose "tasty" does qualify very much as an adjective for your cocoa sins. Sheer greatness could also be used, but I think "awesomely awesome" sums it up pretty much. thanks for all the wonderful, wonderful sins you're putting out here, nichole (and team, of course): you rule supreme! "I'll be back" is not as funny anymore, I know, but still: I will! 

PS: my faves were the maple syrup-pecans with a sprinkle of salt. simply to die for."

 - Nino Kuhnis, Switzerland

"When I tasted my first nicobella truffle, I thought "it doesn't get any better than this" until I tasted the next. Each bite of intense, dark chocolate is made even better by the unique burst of flavors.  Finally, a beneficial truffle that I actually enjoy eating!"

 - Bobbie D, Marlton, NJ

"Oh. My. Goodness. I had to stop myself from consuming all three bags in one sitting! What a positively sinful healthy indulgence! I can't decide which out of the three I love best... (okay, maybe the Coco-Nut). But I'm in heaven. And I cannot wait to try your truffles. You've got a customer for life! :)"  

 - Michelle S, San Francisco, CA

"Completely satisfied my chocolate craving"  

- Carla C, NJ

"Nicobella offers delicious and one of a kind truffles that will satisfy and please your taste buds! I loved the sampler which allowed me to sample all of the flavors, but I have to say that the green tea truffle was my favorite! SOOOOOOOOO delish!"  

- Dawn Yang, Pasadena, CA

"MMMM, Thanks so much for the peanut butter squares and the card you made. I just had a square for my lunch dessert. I really like them, not too sweet but very interesting how they do the peanut butter in the square. Very tasty. I gave dad a bite of it too. :)"  

- Kate Spencer, WA (mom's response from her Nicobella Mother's Day Gift)

"Every time I place a nicobella chocolate order I make sure to keep a box or 2 for myself. The sample box makes the perfect size teacher or coach gift.  My personal favorite flavor is the pumpkin - it's like the perfect bite of a chocolate pumpkin cheesecake!"

- Deserie Gherardi, Hammonton, NJ

"What an amazing experience to actually find a chocolate treat that is both vegan and organic!  Learning about nicobella vegan organic dark chocolate truffles takes away all excuses to not pursue a healthier lifestyle…they are proof positive that you can actually satisfy your cravings with food that is good for you."  

- Julia, Philadelphia, PA

"I bought your vegan truffle collection from Theo's and I loved it. Please do not stop making this delicious alternative to common sweats and treats. This is exactly what I was looking for, they are soooo delicious. I love Theo's, so having you team up is great."

- Kirstin, Seattle, WA

"One word: YUM !!!"

- Lorraine, Philadelphia, PA

"Your truffles are so rich, decadent, and complex and yet there is something so comforting about eating your truffles.  So delicious!  They are really yummy and are so exciting to eat!"  

- Melissa Nonrischai, Pasadena, CA

"Nicobella truffles are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt!  The pure cocoa bliss is my absolute fave...but the others are close runner-up's.  The sample box is the best way to get a taste of each flavor and to be able to have a truffle 6 days out of the week (if they last that long!)."

- Noelle, NJ

"Mind blowing truffles!" 

- Rajiv Kapoor, Seattle, WA

"Decadent, delicious and best of all.........they are good for you and GUILT FREE!!!"

- Rosalyn, Philadelphia, PA