Munch Benefits

Nicobella Munch is truly a healthy snack. With its abundance of nutritious nuts, Nicobella Munch is a great source of protein, fiber and good-for-you fats. We strive to make each of our treats lower in sugar and adequate in protein, fiber and fat.  Our carefully crafted and balanced formula helps you feel satisfied and doesn’t create that unhealthy ‘addicted’ feeling you get when you eat too much sugar. Eating too much sugar can create a vicious cycle of unwanted cravings and sugar highs and lows, which can, in turn, cause a lack of energy and lead to unwanted weight gain.

By providing a nutritionally sufficient amount of protein, fiber and fat, Nicobella Munch will slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream and give you a constant release of energy throughout the day.

Rather than feeling an instant ‘high’ followed by a crash, you will feel energized when you snack on Nicobella Munch. Rest assured that you are also getting an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants with each bite.

Vegan*Gluten-free*Soy-free*Fair-Trade*Made with organic ingredients

Here’s to snacking in good health!