Another Week of Blogging...

Posted on June 3, 2011 by nichole There have been 0 comments

Hi Nicobella Friends! It was another week of blogging at Self Magazine and a lot of fun (but a lot of work!). I'm so grateful to have this opportunity and invaluable experience. Hopefully you were able to check out a few of our posts. Meals were posted on both Wednesday and Thursday, as well as a couple of articles: 10 Steps to Cleansing Without Fasting and The Whole Grain, Multigrain, 12-Grain Game. Check them out if they interest you and let me know what you think! I would love it if we could gather some more people on the eating clean bandwagon for a few days. Let me know and we will share stories as I am doing a few days of cleansing/eating clean this week.

Also, in honor of First Friday the truffles are on sale for only $10 a box! You can order any of the individual flavors as well except the Pure Cocoa Bliss (sorry guys, but this is our big seller and we need our limited supply for the 6-piece assortment boxes. We will have PLENTY of Pure Cocoa Bliss end of next week again).

Have a fabulous weekend!

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