Green Girls Night Out-San Francisco

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It's been a while since the last probably are not going to believe this, but we got another bug in our blogging system that took a little time to fix. It's exciting to be back in action again! We thought we'd start with a recap of the last Green Girls Night Out which was in San Francisco and SOLD OUT!

If you are new to the Green Girls Night Out Tour, it's an eight city tour hosted by the very green Kimpton Hotels and our friends at EcoStiletto. Nicobella Organics has been participating in the fun all summer long, along with some other amazing green companies, by providing truffles for the events. It's a fun-filled night for ladies who are interested in all things green. We've had a great time in each city, met some fabulous folks and are so happy to be able to sample some of our chocolates with those of you who miss our events in Southern California.

Thank you so very much to all of our amazing Nicobella friends who have helped at each of these events.

Nathan Maas-Kimpton, Seattle, WA

Stacy Reisner and Anne Wong, who (wo)manned the Nicobella table in San Francisco, recapped the event with the Top 11 Notables from the evening (think David Letterman's Top 10 list plus 1!):

1. Joe Montana, "I like the odds here."
2. Winking waitress
3. Hotel security dude
4. Chef, "from a culinary standpoint, can I sample a chocolate?"
5. Roofies peddler, "Would u guys like something to drink from the bar? They have alcohol."
6. Granny, "Can I take some chocolates for breakfast?"
7. Numbers girl,"I'm in sales and I get kinda anal, can I number this list for you."
8. Factoid checker, "That's strange. I'm from LA. 609 is not an LA area code."
9. Baker, "since you don't use soy, how do you emulsify your chocolates?"
10. "Where do you sell you chocolates?"
11. "Can I call Nichole?"

Thank you for the recap, Stacy & Anne, and for all of your help sharing the truffles!

If you live in Chicago sign up now for the next event at the Kimpton Allegro scheduled for August 24th!

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