10 Simple Things to Do For Earth Day

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Earth Day is this weekend but we think it should be celebrated for the entire month so that good natural habits are instilled to protect our beautiful planet daily. Here are 10 SIMPLE things you can do to help maintain a pristine earth, clean air and healthy lifestyle every day.

1. Reduce, reuse and recycle. This not only helps the earth but it feels very empowering. Buy only what you need, support local growers, carry a cloth bag for purchases, and reuse old bottles and bags.

2. Give away old clothes, toys, electronics and other barely-used items. This environmental cleanse is good for the planet, you and your recipients.

3. Wash laundry in cold water and line dry clothes that do not have to go into the dryer. Less heat=less energy, 'nuf said.

4. Bike or walk in place of driving. Burn calories while saving the earth-can’t beat it!

5. Purchase products from green companies. Here is a great list of the Top 10 Green Companies.

6. Plant a tree to help reduce greenhouse emissions and pollution.

7. Cook mostly vegetable-based meals using local produce. Plants require much less resources to grow than producing meat and dairy. Choose organic when you can.

8. Compost your food and biodegradable packaging. This is a great way to let food scraps and packaging decompose naturally. Here is a quick video on composting.

9. Opt for silence one day out of the week-no television, no ipod, no computer, no distraction! Great for the planet as well as your mind, body and soul (a nicobella favorite).

10. Instead of going to the gym (drive car, workout on treadmill, watch tv, listen to radio=lots of energy) get some exercise outside. Walking, running, biking, hiking and swimming are as good for your physique as the gym, and may be even better for your mind as you breathe in the fresh air and smell the spring flowers.

Make every day Earth Day!

BONUS! We can help you fulfill #10 (the outside workout) if you live in Southern California. Nicobella friend, Steve Vulin of Sunrise Fitness, offers the most phenomenal Venice beach workout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:15a until 8a. You will have fun exercising by the ocean with the mountains in the background and the rising sun. It's incredibly energizing while dogs play on the beach, surfers ride the waves and motivational Steve tells you only a few more! We are not lying when we say that the beach workout is 1 hour and 45 minutes and only feels like a half hour. The variety of exercises, inspiring scenery, and amazing trainer make the time pass quickly and painlessly (umm...sort of). Want to know the best part? It’s donation only! We love that Steve makes this challenging yet super fun beach workout accessible to everyone.

Place: Washington and Pacific (end of Washington Blvd, Venice. You will see Steve waiting for all of us on the beach!)

Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Time: 6:15a until 8a. Can’t stay the entire time? Just come for the cardio, strength and agility portion from 6:15a until 7:15a.

Double bonus: Parking is plentiful by the beach at this time of the morning if you're not close enough to walk or ride your bike.

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