Gone Green: The Palazzo Paves The Way

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Written by Guest Blogger, Sam Marquit

For me there's nothing more exciting than meeting individuals in the commercial sector working towards implementing the use of green building materials. Meeting those who strive for sustainable, environmentally sound programs in their facilities is a treat. It is my passion for these eco-friendly facilities that leads me to support the businesses as well as the many initiatives and programs. We should all stand behind forward-thinking, environmentally conscious hotels and award them appropriately; in choosing to stay in them, I get a little peace of mind.
The North Carolina Ritz-Carlton is certainly pushing the standard of what green tourism looks and tastes like. Like other eco-friendly competitors, they offer a greener linen program and low-flowing toilets and showerheads to reduce the water consumption of the business. But what really sets them apart is their rooftop garden. Complete with multiple beehives and around 60,000 honeybees, the Ritz-Carlton is ensuring pollination and the sustainability of their garden while providing its guests with the sweet taste of organic food and beverages that are offered in their restaurant.
One of the initiatives I've found most exciting on this front is Green America. The idea of creating a socially and environmentally sustainable society is at the heart of their mission. By harnessing economic power, Green America works to create a world in which everyone has enough. Where communities are safe and healthy, and where Earth's bounty is preserved for future generations. This means demanding that businesses take responsibility through active fair trade programs and green business principles. These businesses must build sustainable communities in America and abroad. Green America empowers consumers to make thoughtful choices with regards to their purchases and investments.
Above all, however, I have been most impressed and excited by the famous Palazzo Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to great water recycling systems, the Palazzo features solar panels that are used to generate heat. Truly forward thinking; the Palazzo even has the ability to reuse its own waste. It is no surprise that the Palazzo was recently named the "Most Eco Friendly Hotel in America."
More and more, as travelers, we are becoming conscious of the impact of our tourism. As consumers, we can look to awards and initiatives to point us in the right direction and make environmentally sound decisions. With over 40,000,000 visitors just last year new green Las Vegas hotels continue to be built. This is a very encouraging trend that must continue. Businesses can mimic what these hotels are doing and provide a number of benefits for not only their customers, but also the planet.

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