Keep Moving!

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Written by Katie Occhipinti

In addition to what we eat, how much we move impacts our health. The Center for Disease Control recommends 2 or more days a week of strength training, working all major muscle groups and 5 hours (300 minutes) each week of moderate physical activity. Unfortunately, according to a 2011 national survey only 20% of adults meet these guidelines on regular basis and 31.6% of adults engage in no leisure activity at all.[i] (Yikes…maybe more people need to rescue a dog!)

More and more jobs require more and more time in front of a computer.  The hard part is that we no longer have physical activity built into our day, which means we need to make up for it in our free time. We all have those days or even weeks where getting our exercise in feels more like a chore than a treat. A couple missed workouts may lead to the demise of our entire plan. If only we could keep the motivation up on a regular basis…

Here are some helpful hints for when the going gets tough…

1)    Switch it up! Try a brand new class. Hop on a new machine. Learn a brand new activity. This might take your mind off the fact that you are actually exercising.


2)    Plan a workout date with a buddy. This will hold you accountable. If you feel like ditching, you will have to ditch yourself AND your friend. It will also make the workout much more fun.


3)    Make a new playlist. This may sound silly (no pun intended!), but updating your pod with some fresh new beats may be the extra push you need.


4)    Set a new goal. Aim for a new personal best time.  Aim to take a certain number of classes a week. Sign up and begin training for a charity walk or run.


5)    Talk yourself into it! Sometimes the hardest part is getting there. Remind yourself of your goals. Envision the final outcome (fitting into those jeans, chasing your dog around without feeling winded, etc…). Aim for progress rather than perfection. Some days our best is 80%, other days it is more like 40%. Regardless of what you have, bring your best self because something is always better than nothing.




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