Accept the Gifts of the Season

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Are you holding on to summer for dear life? Or welcoming fall with open arms? Either way, we all should be excited about the change in fresh produce that accompanies the change of season. Even Starbucks and Dunkin’ are gearing up for the change in consumer taste buds; Iced Tea’s and Lemonade are out and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in.

Thanks to modern technology and food processing techniques, it is easy to forget that vegetables are “seasonal.” One trip to the grocery store and we have access to whatever we want, whenever we want it. Although eating “seasonally” may not solve our health problems or be the missing piece to our weight loss efforts... intuitively, it just seems right. Here are a couple reasons why we eat in season.

Gets us in The Mood

Sometimes it just feels right and it should! Get in the flow with the earth and let the season be the natural backdrop for your eating. There is nothing better than cool watermelon in the summer or warm baked apples in the winter.

We Can Taste the Difference

Buying seasonal usually means that you can buy produce that is produced more locally, rather than shipped from far and wide.  Local produce can be picked at the peak of its ripeness, rather than harvested early in order to be shipped.  If you time it right your local, seasonal produce can make it from vine to your table within 24 hours. See if you can taste the difference.

We Love Our Local Farmer

Buy what your farmer is selling and support the local economy. He’ll appreciate it and so will your taste buds.  The less handling your produce receives the better the chances it has of maintaining its nutritional value.

We Get A Better Value

Produce in season is usually available in surplus, which means that it’s a good bargain.

Fabulous Fall Veggies

Brussel Sprouts (Buy them still on the stalk! They’ll last longer.)

Pumpkin (Pumpkin seeds or “Pepita” are a great source of iron, zinc and magnesium.)

Cabbage (Perfect for soups!)

Butternut Squash (Roast it! You can’t go wrong.)

Broccoli (It is at its best!)

Written by Katie Occhipinti



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