Weekly Intention #1: SMILE OFTEN (even when you don’t feel like it)

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Having a bad day? Smile. Passing an angry co-worker? Smile at them. Ordering lunch at a restaurant? Smile to the person to whom your giving your order. Even when you are not feeling it, a smile can change your day-or someone else’s.  It can change a negative perspective to a positive one. It can create cheerful feelings and emotions.

There are many, but here are our favorite top 10 reasons to smile:

  1. Creates a Happy Mood: When you smile you create endorphins. Even if it’s not initially genuine, when you start smiling it will evolve into a natural lifting of your mood and spirits.
  2. Increases Productivity: Have you heard the term ‘whistle while you work’? This is because whistling is fun, silly and makes you happy. Whistling, singing, humming all make you smile. Happy workers = increased productivity (and increased productivity makes a happy worker!).
  3. Reduces Stress: Stress is a common denominator between all of us. One of the simplest stress relievers is to smile throughout the day. It helps to decrease cortisol, one of the primary stress hormones, leaving space for happy hormones.
  4. Eradicates Pain: Ditch the NSAIDS and start smiling! Endorphins released when you smile help to naturally lessen physical pain.
  5. Heightens Awareness: Stress interferes with our focus and attention. When you smile you open up space, widen your attention and increase your awareness, making you more present and alert.
  6. Causes Attraction: Let’s face it. We are drawn to happy people and for good reason. No one wants to be around someone with a sour face. Smiling makes you more attractive to others due to the glowing radiant positive energy.  (bonus: it also makes you look years younger!)
  7. Builds Confidence: Even the most confident folks have moments of doubt and insecurity. While you are in these moments recognize that feeling of doubt and insecurity and smile into it. It will help you to recognize it’s there but you don’t’ own it. A smile will make you overcome and move through it with confidence.
  8. Boosts Immune System: Another one related to stress. Smiling makes the body relax by helping to minimize stress hormones, which play a large part in weakening your immune system. Smiling can boost your immune system to help prevent those nasty winter colds.
  9. Creates Acceptance: Often times we have regrets, overthink situations, judge ourselves or judge others. Smiling while we are constructing negative thoughts or creating judgment makes us to see things in a positive light and happily accept things as they are.
  10. It’s Contagious! This may be the simplest and best benefit of all: smiling can change someone’s day. You don’t know why someone seems unhappy, moody or sad. But what you do know is that you could lend them a smile, which could turn their bad day into a beautiful day.

Isabella smiling :)

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