Weekly Intention #3: Simplify

Posted on January 23, 2014 by nichole There have been 0 comments

How many things do we really need? We already have all we need, ourselves, love, relationships.

Take a moment to look around your physical environment and think about the things that are really not serving you. What can you do without? Most likely, you can live without a lot more than you think. Get rid of anything that does not make you feel alive and empowered.

De-cluttering our physical space will serve a dual purpose-it will also de-clutter our minds. A chaotic environment can interfere with our ability to focus and function efficiently. Think of it as a cleanse. Each day this week, get rid of at least one thing from each room. It can be anything. If you own five white shirts, donate one to Good Will. If you have expired skin care products, throw them away (your skin will thank you as well). If there are strange things growing in your refrigerator, clean it out. Do you own plants that are dying? Replace them with new plants full of life and energy.

Your environment will look crisp and clean and your mind will free and clear, opening up space for your natural blissful self!



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