Weekly Intention #4: Act From a Place of Love, Not Fear

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Everything we do comes from one of two places: fear or love.

Take notice this week where your intention lies.

For example, let’s say you have the opportunity to move forward in your career or start your own business. Before you take the action of moving forward are you feeling fear or love? If you feel fear you may run the other direction because you are afraid of the unknown or ‘failing’ (by the way there is no failing, only trying). You may avoid taking that risk because that fear becomes you and creates a paralyzing path of not doing. But if you embrace the change, the potential, the act of moving forward and embrace it with love, you move forward with grace and pure positivity. You have no idea where it may lead you but you are happy taking that path, loving the journey and everything around it, no matter what the outcome.

Another example, let’s say you and your significant other are arguing. You may feel sad, angry, hurt, like you want to fight back. You can react out of fear or love. If you automatically act out of fear (fear that you might be wrong, you’re being attacked, you feel insecure, you might lose them) the outcome is going to be much different than if you act out of love (you feel compassion for your significant other, as well as yourself). During a time of discomfort, arguing, disagreements, whatever it may be-stop before you react. Think ‘Am I about to say or do something out of fear or love right now’. If you are about act from a place of fear change it to love (because you can), and see how the outcome changes. It will create space for only positivity within yourself and with your partner.

When you act out of love you attract what you want (what makes you happy). Acting out of fear attracts what you don't want (what you fear). Love brings positive responses and creates more joy, happiness and abundance in your life.

Stop and think-am I doing this with love or fear as a motivator? If fear is the underlying intent, you have the ability to make the choice and, instead, act out of love. Try it. You will see and feel an amazing transformation in yourself and the way others respond to you. Keep us posted!

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