Looking for a special and healthy gift? Choose from an adorable apron, a cute t-shirt or one of our gift sets below!

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  1. The Zen Set

    The Zen Set

    Pamper your spouse, daughter, friend or yourself with this peaceful zen trio. The set contains a 4-oz bag of healing Zen Tea, 4-oz aromatherapy Yo Soy Candle, 6-piece variety box of nicobella truffles and 2-oz bag of nicobella munch. (Choose your loose tea , candle scent and munch flavor!)

    The perfect zen trio with chocolate, tea and a candle! Each brown mesh bag contains:

    6-piece variety box of nicobella truffles (blueberry almond, ginger green tea, pumpkin chai, pure cocoa bliss, walnut flaxseed, sunflower butter banana)

    2-oz bag of nicobella munch (choose between omega, maple nut or coconut munch)

    4-oz bag of Zen Tea (choose between Green Hibiscus Raspberry or Black Dark Chocolate)

    4-oz Yo Soy Candle (choose between White Tea Ginger, Brown Sugar Fig, Coffee Bean, Honeysuckle, Sweet Orange Chili Pepper, Red Currant, Rosemary Mint, Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro)

  2. For The Tea Lover: Zen Tea Set

    For The Tea Lover: Zen Tea Set

    Give the ultimate blissful experience for the tea and chocolate lover or embrace your own relaxation by lighting a Yo Soy candle, sipping on organic Zen Tea, and enjoying energizing nicobella ginger green tea truffles.

    Set includes:

    • 4-oz bag Hibiscus Raspberry Green Tea 
    • 4 oz White Tea Ginger Green Tea 
    • 6-piece box Ginger Green Tea Truffles

  3. 'i♥chocolate' tee

    'i♥chocolate' tee

    Pink fitted nicobella tee with our cute little chocolate girl, Coco Chloe! Great for kids, as you can see by how adorable Lexi and Meg look in the tees!

    This tee is so adorable with our cute little chocolate girl (who clearly was being a bit mischievous!). The tee is fitted with a scoop neck and says 'i♥chocolate'. 

  4. Nicobella Coco Chloe Apron

    Nicobella Coco Chloe Apron

    Adorable Coco Chloe dressed in her kitchen attire and chocolate endearingly smeared all over her face.
    Super cute white cotton apron with nicobella's little chocolate girl, Coco Chloe. Apron ties in the back and has two front pockets. Great for the foodie, cook of the house or someone who likes to get messy when eating their chocolate!

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