Happy New Year!

Looking for the easiest New Year's resolution ever? We have your answer...eat more dark chocolate! Eating 1 - 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate daily is good for you because chocolate may help to:

1. Lower blood pressure
2. Boost HDL (good) cholesterol
3. Curb your appetite and maintain a healthy weight
4. Increase cognitive function (aka boost brain power)
5. Relieve stress (and decrease stress hormones)
6. Reduce inflammation
7. Decrease risk of stroke
8. Boost your mood
9. Increase exercise capacity
10. Curb sugar cravings

Bonus #11! Get glowing skin.

Do we have you convinced? Here is what a 1-ounce serving looks like:

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Want to know more about chocolate and all of its powerful benefits? Follow our blog - keep an eye out next Thursday for the detailed chocolate scoop where we will dive deeper into each health benefit. Cheers! 

Love and light to you for a peaceful, blissful and cheerful new year!

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