Nicobella Sunday Scoop!

Here's what we are reading this week in plant-based nutrition, animal welfare, the environment, yoga, and inspiration.

Plant-Based Nutrition

How Eating Red Can Help Your Heart

30 Vegan Fingers Foods for Super Bowl Sunday

This is What Happens to Your Body When You Eat One Teaspoon of Turmeric a Day

7 Essential Foods for Creating Vegan Meals

Vegan Diet Impacts California Prison

Animal Welfare

Shocking Facts on How Plastic Impacts Marine Animals


People Are Spreading a Virus That is Killing World Bees

A Probable Carcinogen Is Now the Most Heavily Used Weed Killer in History

The Earth is Becoming a Plastic Planet


10 Yoga Sequences for Every Mood

5 Hip Openers That Release Tension


Essential Plant Oils to Add to Your Beauty Routine Daily

9 Beautiful Celebrities Who Prove Beauty is Ageless

How a Vegan Gang Member Became a Vegan Chef


The Vegan Woman's Guide to Valentine's Chocolate

Our Favorite Vegan Chocolates by Ecorazzi

6 Ideas for an Eco Friendly Valentine's Day





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