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Here is what we are reading this week in plant-based nutrition, animal welfare, the environment and inspiration. 

Plant-Based Nutrition

Optimize Your Health With These 10 Herbs and Spices

UW student inspires thousands with raw vegan blog

5 Vegan Foods to Sculpt Your Body

Heal Your Gut with the 4R Program

Healthy Lunch: Chickpea Artichoke Mediterranean Wrap



How Dark Chocolate Could Actually Help You Curb Your Sugar Cravings


This City Banned K-Cups—Is Your Town Next?

How Much of the Most Common Weed Killer Are You Eating? The FDA Doesn’t Know

Animal Welfare

Stark Reminder of How Palm Oil Has Changed the Natural Order of Life for Orangutans

Scientists Find Out What Killed Millions of Starfish

Court OKs the Destruction of Koala Habitat for a Giant Coal Mine


Ways to Quiet an Anxious Mind

The ABCs of Meditation