Nicobella Sunday Scoop!

Here is what we've been reading over the past week! News in plant-based nutrition, animal welfare, the environment, yoga and inspiration...

Plant-Based Nutrition

Feeling Down? Nibble on this Superfood

Is the GMO Labeling Battle Almost Over?

Nosh on this: Gluten-free shopping and restaurant update - Atlanta

Is Africa’s Ancient Baobab Tree Growing the Next Superfood?

The World’s Poorest Cities Can’t Cope With Climate Change


Ikea to use packaging made from mushrooms that will decompose in a garden within weeks

Animal Welfare

Jon and Tracey Stewart Roll Out the 'Green' Carpet to Welcome Rescued Goats and Sheep to Their Farm (VIDEO)

Two Billion People Could Have More to Eat Thanks to Bees


The Scoop | 4 Yoga Poses for Healthy, Beautiful Skin | Abe's Market

Peaceful Practice: How Yoga Improves Mood

6 Yoga Poses That Help Reduce Anxiety

4 Yoga Poses To Stretch Your Hip Flexors


Jane Goodall Captures our Hearts in a Powerful 5 Minutes (video)

Using Meditation to Explore the Universe Within

The Brain Chemicals That Make You Happy (And How To Trigger Them)

10 Books Guaranteed To Make You Feel Beautiful From The Inside Out



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