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Here is what we are reading this week in plant-based nutrition, animal welfare, the environment and inspiration. 

Plant-Based Nutrition

Spring’s Here, So Let’s Eat All of Its Best, Most Sustainable Vegetables

Why The World Must Shift To Plant-Based Diets: A Doctor Explains

3 Ways Protein-Packed Peas Are Winning Over Hearts, Minds and Taste Buds Everywhere

Eat For Beautiful Skin With This Antioxidant-Rich Kale Salad 

The Environment

Want to Do Your Part to Tackle Climate Change? Go Vegan

California Bill Could Put a Big Dent in Food Waste

Animal Welfare

New Dog Cafe Lets You Adopt A Dog With Your Coffee

Detroit children rescue abandoned dog tethered with bungee cords

Endangered Hippos Are Being Poached for Their Teeth, but Incredible People are Working to End This


6 Steps To Create A Simple Home Yoga Practice

Yoga For Your Core: 1 Pose To Do Every Day This Week

5 Yoga Poses to Challenge Your Balance

What Are the 8 Limbs of Yoga?