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Here is what we are reading this week in plant-based nutrition, animal welfare, the environment and inspiration. 

Plant-Based Nutrition

Which Rice Has the Least Arsenic? - Consumer Reports

Hormone Disruptors: Everyday Poisons in Non-Organic Food, Body Care Products, Water Bottles and Home Furniture

Unilever, the Company That Once Fought Vegan Mayo, Now Supports Sustainable Plant-Based Food | One Green Planet

Why The World Must Shift To Plant-Based Diets: A Doctor Explains

The Surprising Superfood No One Talks About: A Cardiologist Explains

What Are Medicinal Mushrooms & How Do They Work?

Animal Welfare

Help End Canada's Commercial Seal Slaughter

VICTORY: Airline stops flying monkeys to laboratories!


Americans Are Drinking 10 Billion Gallons of Bottled Water…Here’s Where Those Plastic Bottles End Up

Killing animals is killing the planet. Here’s why...


Alicia Silverstone Reveals Green Beauty Secrets For Glowing, Ageless Skin

The Easiest Thing You Can Do To Get Happier RIGHT Now

3 Steps to Creating a Sacred Space