It's World Ocean's Day! Posted on 08 Jun 18:26 , 0 comments

Photo courtesy of Sea Shepherd Global

In honor of World Oceans Daywhat can we do to protect our oceans?

  • Say no to plastic bags

  • Forgot your bag? (I'm guilty of this), see how many items you can juggle in your hands (fun!) or see if the store has an empty recyclable cardboard box you can use instead

  • Tell restaurants 'no straw please'

  • Buy in bulk instead of individual plastic containers

  • Avoid beauty products with microbeads

  • Use a reusable water bottle

  • Pick up your pup's poo with big leaves instead of plastic bags

  • Don't purchase items that exploit marine life (shark and tortoise shell products)

  • Gather some fun friends for a 'clean up the beach day' (bring music, wine and chocolate - make it a good time while you help marine life)

  • Support organizations that are taking action for our oceans such as Sea Shepherd and Save Our Seas Foundation