Hello nicobella friends!

As many of you know, we just launched our brand new website and are continuing to build it so it's BIGGER and BADDER than ever -- well, probably not that big and bad (as in good) but it will be filled with cool chocolate and plant-based musings.

But it can't be half as cool and convincing without YOU. That is why we need your professional chocolate opinion. Lots of you have personally written to us about your blissful experience with nicobella chocolates (THANK YOU! It seriously makes our day.) We could tell folks that everyone loves it but it will sound much better coming directly from you with your choco-(atti)TUDE and distinct palette. 

If you could take a few moments to write a testimonial about your favorite chocolate(s), or nicobella chocolates in general between now and October 1st, we would be forever grateful. In fact, we will send you a code for
20% off your next order.

You can either click on the 'testimonials' link at the bottom of the homepage or find your favorite chocolate(s) and click on 'write a review'. We realize that your time is valuable so we would appreciate it immensely.♡

NEW YORK and TRISTATE area friends, there is a very cool comedy eventhappening on September 23rd in New York benefitting all of the farm animals at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Get your tickets here. While our nicobella humans cannot be there, our chocolates will be. The gift bags are filled with lots of fun goodies! And it's all for the benefit of animals. #aligningforanimals


Atlanta friends, don't forget to come visit us at Root City Market this Saturday from 10am-6pm at the Stoveworks. It's just off the Beltline so you can take a break from your bike ride, dog walk or run and treat yourself to some chocolate and shopping. Trust us, it's a super fun event that you don't want to miss!

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