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Here's what we're reading this week on topics in wellness, nutrition, the environment, and animal welfare. Enjoy!

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Goodbye Sodium, 7 Herbs That Taste Better Than Salt

Healthy Habits That Boost Brainpower and Mental Sharpness


To The Man Who Left This Dog To Die, She's Mine Now 

Whales and Dolphins Win The Battle Over The Use of Harmful Sonar

Apologetic Dog Asks For Forgiveness With A Hug

 to man who left this dog to die she's mine now


8 Trillion Reasons To Ditch Microbeads

Three Moves That Could Save The Nearly Extinct The Sumatran Rhino

Activists Harness the 'Francis Effect' and Demand Action on Climate Change


How To Make All Of Your Favorite Southern Comfort Foods Vegan

African Peanut Stew With Eggplant and Okra



James Cameron: Why I Eat A Vegan Diet

The Diet That Healed My Kid's Eczema