Chocolate! Fun Fact Friday Posted on 10 Oct 07:37 , 0 comments

Okay, so I'm posting this a day late since it's actually Saturday. But it's never too late to have these important facts in your arsenal, ladies. Yes, there is a reason for those monthly chocolate cravings! Ahhh...thank goodness, right?

Cacao has been used medicinally for centuries. One of dark chocolate's claim to fame is helping us ladies with cramping, bloating, irritability and fatigue. Chocolate is abundant in magnesium which may help with cramping and water retention. Theobromine (one of the substances in chocolate that makes us happy ), also acts as a diuretic and eases tension, irritability and depression.

Chocolate Caution: it may create euphoria and bliss

Who's in?

fun fact friday dark chocolate and cacao as medicine