Chocolate! Fun Fact Friday

Did you know? 

Chocolate has been an ancient tradition in many cultures for years and is often associated with romantic love. One of the first links between chocolate and romance was established by the Mayans, who created a ritual beverage made from cocoa mixed with water, black pepper, vanilla and spices. Mayan brides and grooms shared the mixture during marriage ceremonies, and it is said to be associated with their god of fertility.
Here are some fun facts about the origin of chocolate:
  • A traditional drink of cacao and corn was offered during marriage ceremonies representing wealth, success and fertility.
  • The Florentine Codex (a manuscript depicting the history of Central Mexican society) noted an Aztec remedy using cacao, corn and spices that were used to decrease a fever, shortness of breath and heart disease in 1590.
  • Cocoa was brought to Europe in the 16th century.
  • When the Spanish brought cacao back to Europe from Mesoamerica in the 16th century, they created over 100 medicinal uses using the seed.

Sounds like the Mayans and Aztecs were pretty intuitive with the powers of plant-based healing even before we had research to support the medicinal benefits of cacao.

Drink up chocolate-lovers!

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   “where there is cacao, there is life”-Venzuelan plantation worker



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