Nicobella Sunday Scoop!

Happy Sunday! We are a little late in the day getting you the Sunday scoop (yikes, it's almost Monday). We just returned from weekend fun at the Atlanta Indie Craft Experience. What a great holiday shopping show! There were so many amazing people spreading some early holiday cheer, awesome vendors selling their beautiful crafts and just all around good vibes. Coming up for air now to share what we've been reading this week in nutrition, the environment, animal welfare and more! 


Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts From Makers in the Atlanta Area (nicobella include :)

Apparently One Cinnamon Turmeric Spice + One Cup of Organic Fair Trade Coffee is a Match Made in Heaven-Get recipe here

cinnamon turmeric spice truffles and organic coffee

Plant-Based Nutrition

What is Amalaki and How Can It Improve Your Health?

Drink to Your Health: Study Links Daily Coffee Habit to Longevity

Vegan Famous for 'Cowspiracy' Visits SF With His Gospel of Plant-Based Diets 

A Look Inside Moby's New Restaurant, Little Pine


Bulldozers Continue to Destroy the Heart of the Leuser Eco System

Sustainable Palm Oil? Who Knows Thanks to Derelict Auditors

Animal Welfare

Your Ugly Old Sweaters Could Mean the World to Homeless Shelter Pets

Rest in Peace Sweet Diesel, Victim of Paris Attacks

shelter dogs


The Vedic Chef: Vegan Ayurvedic Thanksgiving Menu

Recipes for the Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

vegan thanksgiving


A 10 Minute Yoga Sequence to Discover Your Feminine Power


5 Creative Ways to Feed the Hungry

Instead of Pulling Away When Things Get Tough, Try This Instead


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