Nicobella Sunday Scoop!

Happy Sunday! We have two weeks of good scoop since we missed last week with family in town. As many of you know our passions spread way beyond chocolate. Of course we LOVE dark chocolate. But a big reason that we love dark chocolate, aside from it's yumminess, is its plant-based origin. Being plant-based means it's a better choice for the environment, better choice for animals and better choice for YOU! Here's what we are reading this week in nutrition, the environment, animal welfare and more...


Should You Be Drinking Alkaline Water?

10 Cool Facts You Didn't Know About Pomegranates


The Koala in the Coalmine

Fish Have Feelings Too

Why Dogs Don't Live As Long As Humans...Explained By A Four-Year Old


The Phillippines Fights Climate Change With Rice and Religion

Climate Change Will Never Be Stopped if We Don't Stop Eating Meat

Natural Beauty

9 Essential Oils and How to Use Them for Clear Radiant Skin


10 Quotes From a Sioux Indian Chief That Will Make You Question Everything About "Modern" Culture

The Great Indian Master, Swami Vivekananda, Provides the "15 Laws of Life"


Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Gifts For Food Lovers



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