9 Days Left To Shop! Here Are Some Ideas From Us... Posted on 13 Dec 11:59 , 0 comments

Just a little reminder to place your chocolate orders by December 21, 12 noon ET to ensure that you receive your chocolate gifts by December 24!

Need help finding the perfect gift for someone? Email us at info@nicobellaorganics.com

In the meantime, these are our top suggestions

Mocha and/or Peppermint Munch
We promise that you won't disappoint with these two flavors. Since we have launched them two months ago they continue to sell out first at events and in stores. They make great stocking stuffers, teacher's and secret santa gifts


Hot Cocoa
Who doesn't love a warm and comforting cup of hot cocoa? Our hot cocoa is made from a pressed (non-alkalized and nutritious) Dominican Republic cacao bean with a little added organic cane sugar and pink Himalayan sea salt. We suggest making it with unsweetened Almond Milk, but any plant-based milk will do. Purchase now through December 21 and receive it wrapped in a red ribbon, ready to gift!

2-pack of truffles
Select your flavors for the friend who loves nuts and chocolate (walnut and blueberry almond), the chocolate purist (two boxes of pure cocoa bliss) or the adventurist foodie (two variety boxes to try them all). These are our top sellers every holiday season. Get yours while they last!

The Story of Bella (of nicobella)
We had to say goodbye to our sweet little girl after 17 long and beautiful years. She was the inspiration behind the name nicobella ten years ago when we just incorporated the name. The original name of nicobella was Spa Candy (and still remains the parent name) until a smart and honest branding company came along and said that Spa Candy sounds like sweet sticky stuff for kids, which was clearly not our goal. A good friend came up with the name nicobella, half Nichole and half Isabella. Personally, I did not want my name to be a part of the company, but, if you knew me and Bella, well you knew we were pretty inseparable. Therefore the name felt right. (Big thanks to this day to my dear friend, Julia, for including Isabella in the name.)

Bella was much more than an inspiration for the name of a chocolate company.
  • She had a powerful warrior spirit with no sense of fear.
  • She smiled from her mouth to her eyes creating a chain of smiles from strangers on the streets.
  • She acted like the Queen. She didn't let her 6.9 tiny size affect her confidence.
  • She was open and adventurous, loved to explore and travel.
  • She fully embraced love, both receiving and giving, which gave her the will to fight several severe illnesses and extend her life three years past what her doggie doctor originally predicted. 
Read more about our sweet girl, her fight and lessons she taught us on our blog from last week. 

Bella says thank you for all of your continued support for the past seven years since we launched nicobella. 🐾