Nicobella Sunday Scoop!

Happy Sunday and post-Christmas! Hope you are all recovered and ready to start fresh for the new week and upcoming new year. In addition to what we are reading this week, we are preparing for Veganuary: a global campaign to encourage people to try plant-based for the month of January for their health, the environment and for animals. If you'd like to try vegan for the month of January, you can start by taking the pledge here. Then follow us all month for plant-based tips, recipes, fun facts and inspirations!

Now, here is what we are reading in plant-based news, the environment, animal welfare, and recipes. 

Plant-Based News

10 Restaurants in America Offering the Most Epic Vegan Sushi Rolls (photo courtesy of One Green Planet)

Animal Welfare

Stop Animal Cruelty Weekly World News

Another Facility Breeds Beagles for Lab Testing: How You Can Help

Rescued Cow Who Was Terrified of Humans Learns to Love


Veg News Magazine, Top Three Winners for Their (Vegan) Holiday Cookie Recipe Contest

Squash Ravioli With Kale Pesto and Pine Nuts (Vegan, Gluten Free) (photo courtesy of One Green Planet)


Inspiring Eckhart Tolle Quotes  (photo courtesy of The Elephant Journal)

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