An Ode To Our Baby and the 'Bella' of Nicobella Posted on 06 Dec 19:44 , 4 comments

An Ode to Our Baby: Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our little girl and best friend of 17 years, Isabella (7 years for Ricky, but it could have been 17 years given how much they loved each other). She was quirky and silly yet chill and gentle. She was confident-walked like she owned the streets. She was intelligent, an old wise soul (those who didn’t know her would often comment about her old soul). And she was the feistiest little 6.9 pound nugget. 

But her signature was her smile. Bella touched every person that met her, even strangers. Rarely did someone walk by without commenting ‘That dog is smiling!' She smiled fully with her mouth and eyes. She radiated much light, love and happiness. Her other signature characteristic was her crossed legs. Always laid down like a little lady. 

She loved to travel. We found each other in Georgia, moved to Philly then to LA and back to Georgia where she laid her little head to rest. We never left each others side. She would jog with me in the morning then come back to play with her favorite Scooby Doo Ball that was bigger than her. She had more frequent flyer miles than most people. Passengers were in awe of her ability to be so chill and quiet on the plane naming her the Zen or Buddha Dog (drug free). She loved to go hiking, camping, biking in the basket, boating, sneaking into dinner with us (and other various places) and traveling to Veg Fests in different cities representing NicoBella. She loved receiving kisses on her forehead and nose and giving kisses on the nose and eyes. She loved watching The Seahawks with her dad. She loved experiencing new things and actually thought she was cool jumping onto a hotel bed for the first time. She loved to share apple and peanut butter, sweet potatoes and oatmeal with me but her favorite meal was pasta with red sauce. 

Her legacy of late was her strength. It’s been an ongoing joke with family and friends that Bella will probably outlive all of us. She was strong and determined with a fierce will to live. She had visited more doctors than she’d like the past year and every one of them had commented saying that, despite being poked and prodded, she either didn’t feel pain or she was the strongest little girl they had met. Despite being diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2013, and a prognosis of NO MORE THAN 6 months to live, she survived more than three more years. Two years ago she found herself with nerve damage and became paralyzed in her backend. The vet suggested a wheelchair if she wasn't better in a week since surgery was not an option and ability to recover from her nerve damage seemed grim. With a chiropractic visit (thank you Drs Kristy and Shoshana) and daily doggie yoga (which she loved) combined with her strong will, although a little unsteady, she walked again by the end of the week. This past summer she had a horrible stent with pancreatitis which is typically treated with a week of hospitalization and tons of fluids (the OPPOSITE of her treatment for CHF). After one day of minimal fluids the doctors sent her home and said they can't do anything else for her and suggested letting her go. I wanted to let her go, felt she had been through enough, but Ricky insisted we wait since she was on heavy doses of pain killers and he felt that was clouding our ability to asses her. Well, by the next morning she was begging for treats. This dog literally fought for her life with every incident. She wouldn’t let go and continued to smile until she became blind about two months ago. We feel that being blind really crushed her little spirit and will to live as she started giving us signs that she was ready. She was finally tired of fighting. 

Ricky and I feel that it was a gift to be there with her as she passed peacefully in her favorite spot-on our bed with her favorite blankets surrounding her. 

She is now at peace but her little feisty spirit remains within us. She taught us that:

-smiling is contagious, smile at everyone even strangers

-forehead kisses are comforting and soothing, give them often

-there is no room for fear, be curious and experience everything

-you can be silly and playful yet gentle and quiet 

-you can fight almost anything if you love life and have a will to live

-surrounding yourself with love helps to heal 

-if you want something bark for it🐾

We will miss you sweet Bella❤️Until we meet again...