Before You Ditch Those Strawberry Leaves... Posted on 25 Jul 13:40 , 0 comments

...consider the multitude of health benefits in the leaves (not to mention reducing waste🌱). Dried strawberry leaves have been used to make herbal tea that may help with poor digestion and nausea. Although research is limited, the leaves have also been used as a diuretic, alleviating painful swollen joints and symptoms associated with PMS.

What is known is that strawberry leaves contain 

🌱vitamin C

🌱iron and calcium

🌱cafeic acid (a natural diuretic)

🌱tannins (polyphenols that fight oxidative damage, i.e. antioxidant)

🌱ellagic acid (prevents cancer)

You can chew on the leaves (they taste super mild but are a little tough), toss the entire berry with the leaves into your smoothie, or steep as a tea (add ginger for extra digestive benefit🙌🏼). Don't forget to choose organic! (Part of the dirty dozen🍓 )