Eat Chocolate, Boost Memory

With the overstimulation in today's busy world, between family responsibilities, work and social media, who couldn't use a little boost in memory? In 2017, Frontiers in Nutrition reviewed research studies looking at the short-term and long-term effects of eating dark chocolate on memory and cognition. They found that the flavanols (powerful phytonutrients in dark chocolate as well as other plant-based foods such as green tea) help to improve memory and cognition both immediately after eating the chocolate and long-term in those who ate dark chocolate daily. They concluded that eating a good quality dark chocolate daily could prevent natural age-related decline in cognition. 

What makes dark chocolate "good quality"? Since flavanol content is not listed on food labels, look for organic and fair trade (i.e. not mass produced). It's not guaranteed that 70% cocoa solids offers the best quality cocoa, but, in general, the higher percentage the cocoa content means it contains less "other stuff" such as more sugar, milk solids, emulsifiers and possibly more flavanols.

At nicobella we only use organic and fair trade dark chocolate, 70% (truffles) or 75% (munch) and recommend eating 1-1.5 ounces of dark chocolate a day as a part of a well-balanced plant-based diet. This can be three dark chocolate truffles, one 2-ounce bag of munch (one ounce of chocolate per bag) or three tablespoons of cocoa. 

Eat your daily dark chocolate friends, knowing you're making your brain happy. 

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