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Calling all chocolate lovers! Join us each Thursday as we explain exactly why you should be eating dark chocolate every day for good health. Before we begin the journey, it's important to know why chocolate was so important in ancient Mesoamerican history. For centuries, its been used for its medicinal properties, before there was any research to back the anecdotal homage. Here are some fun facts about cacao and how it was used by indigenous cultures before it became what we know today as chocolate. 
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Okay, read on...
  • Theobroma tree:” food of the gods” was named in 1737
  • Some scientists believe that cacao's origin is from Mesoamerica, which included Central and South Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and western Honduras, while other scientists believe its origin is from South America.
  • Analysts have detected cacao in pottery that was used in ceremonial rituals from Mesoamerica dating all the way back to 600-400 BC.
  • Cacao was illustrated as a symbol of wealth and power in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.
  • Gifts of cacao were exchanged during agricultural ceremonies to help produce healthy and abundant crops. The Theobroma tree thrives on water, the shade of other trees and helps to preserve rain forests, therefore provides a healthy eco-system.
  • A traditional drink of cacao and corn was offered during marriage ceremonies representing wealth, success and fertility.
  • The Florentine Codex (a manuscript depicting the history of Central Mexican society) noted an Aztec remedy using cacao, corn and spices that were used to decrease a fever, shortness of breath and heart disease in 1590.
  • Cocoa brought to Europe in the 16th century
  • When the Spanish brought cacao back to Europe from Mesoamerica in the 16th century, they created over 100 medicinal uses using the seed.

where there is cacao, there is life”-Venzuelan plantation worker

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