Ingredient Spotlight: Cinnamon!

Cinnamon is quite popular as the holiday season nears, but at Nicobella we love cinnamon all year round! Whether it be from its various health benefits or variety of uses, cinnamon should be a part of your annual routine too!

Health Benefits

Cinnamon is yet another rich source of antioxidants. In fact, it is one of the most antioxidant rich spices there is! The antioxidants found in cinnamon have been found to be extremely helpful with inflammation related pain in the body, with uses in treating muscle soreness, premenstrual pain, allergic reaction, and stress related inflammation.

Cinnamon has the power to aid in blood sugar regulation for those diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. The compounds in cinnamon form a mechanism with muscle tissue for glucose absorption, as well as positive anti-inflammatory effects associated with hyperglycemia.

Cinnamon even has antifungal, antibacterial and even antiviral capabilities! Increasing your cinnamon intake can help those afflicted with allergies, infections, and even the common cold.  

And lastly, cinnamon has even been shown to have positive effects on brain function, as well as aiding in concentration. Start burning those Fall scented candles everyone!

Ways to Incorporate Cinnamon Into Your Routine

While cinnamon is a common ingredient in baked goods, this spice can be used throughout the day in different meals or beverages.

Try adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to your coffee grounds before brewing for a naturally flavored start to your day. Add cinnamon to your oatmeal along with antioxidant rich berries. Cinnamon can be sprinkled on top of cut fruit as well as on a baked sweet potato. Like making green smoothies? Try adding cinnamon to spice things up!

And of course, you can find cinnamon in a variety of your plant based products, like our Apple Crisp Power Bites featured today!


Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RDN is a graduate of West Virginia University, where she received her dual Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and Human Nutrition and Foods and minor in Strength & Conditioning. Addie is a nutrition & wellness consultant in the greater Atlanta area, focusing on plant based eating and improving health across the stages of life. She believes that wellness & nutrition go hand in hand to maintain and improve health, and loves to work with those adapting to a plant based lifestyle, whether it be individuals or families. 

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