Support Full Circle Farm Sanctuary ♡ With Each Purchase in February

During the month of February, feel good, not only knowing that nicobella chocolate is good for your health, but is also helping animals in need. A portion of all sales will be donated to the sweet animals at Full Circle Farm Sanctuary. We have spent time at the beautiful Sanctuary, meeting all of the rescued animals who, despite their neglected and abused pasts, are affectionate, welcoming and full of loving kindness. There is nothing that warms your heart more than the moment when you are approaching a gentle rescued farm animal and your eyes lock with theirs. In that moment you realize that you are one. Their heart beats along side yours. Their soul is touched by yours. Their past may haunt them like yours, but they hold no grudges or bitterness. A few may be bit fearful and unable to completely trust humans yet (one can only imagine what they've been through), but they still only encompass pure love and peace. If you remain open as you approach them, your heart, soul and entire body will be entrenched in their love and you will leave feeling elevated and inspirited. This is the gift these gracious beings give to us. 

The founder of Full Circle Farm Sanctuary (FCFS), Kayla Worden, first adopted a vegan lifestyle in 1989 when she immersed herself in protecting farm animals through her activism both nationally and internationally. Kayla's vegan lifestyle and a very strong conscience are what spawned the commencement of FCFS in 2010. She started with four rescue animals and now there are more than 100 residents living at the Sanctuary in Warm Springs, GA. (Side note: If you are ever passing through Atlanta, or anywhere in the southeast, definitely take time to visit!)

There are many projects in the works for FCFS: a bed and breakfast, yoga retreat, monthly events and more. Sign up for their newsletter or follow them on Facebook to be the first to learn about new residents, get to know long-time residents and stay on top of Sanctuary happenings. 

Read more about FCFS, their story and mission. 

Friday, February 3 through Sunday, February 5 11pm PST, take 10% off all purchases with discount code PureLove

Here are some of the sweet animals we had the honor of meeting. 

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