Reflecting on an incredible yoga class tonight (it was all about yoga and gene expression) and continuing with the yoga inspiration from the past three days, today's wellness series post is about our breath. 

There are two types of breathing: involuntary and voluntary. We would not be alive without the involuntary breath, however what makes us truly alive and living truly is voluntary breathing. That is, taking moments throughout the day to Stop and Breath. Inhaling consciously and exhaling fully while clearing your mind, if only for that moment, creates space, focus and awareness. Over time these moments of breathing and awareness can improve gene expression, telomere length (the longer the better, less aging) and risk of age-related diseases. Conscious breathing has been scientifically shown to relieve stress, help with depression, decrease blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease and enlarge the brain (!). Echoing tonight's incredible yoga teacher, Douglas Johnson of Maha Patha Yoga, breathing can actually change gene expression, creating positive physiological responses and reversing the effects of aging. 

Some useful apps that can remind us to breathe throughout the day:

•Mind Jogger
•Breathe Deep
•Universal Breathing
•Insight Timer 

Oh, and don't forget about sleeping! Deep, controlled, conscious breathing can you sleep very well, beautiful friends. 

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