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bone building foods

  • By now you've heard that eating sea vegetables can be good for your health. Asian cultures (where risk of heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis is the lowest) have consumed sea vegetables for thousands of years, but they are just now gaining western attention due to more research that is emergi... View Post
  • Cucumber salads remind me of my childhood. My grandmom used to make them for me weekly because I could not get enough of her secret recipe. I know, it's cucumbers, right? How secret and special can it be? Well, the way the she created them made the cucumbers pretty much addictive. We would have ... View Post
  • ...consider the multitude of health benefits in the leaves (not to mention reducing waste🌱). Dried strawberry leaves have been used to make herbal tea that may help with poor digestion and nausea. Although research is limited, the leaves have also been used as a diuretic, alleviating painful swol... View Post
  •  What are two things that cows and elephants have in common?  They both have large strong bones They both only eat plants One could concur from this that eating plants will make strong bones, but let's look into the details. One in two women and one in four men over the age 50 will experience ... View Post