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diabetes prevention

  • Reflecting on an incredible yoga class tonight (it was all about yoga and gene expression) and continuing with the yoga inspiration from the past three days, today's wellness series post is about our breath.  There are two types of breathing: involuntary and voluntary. We would not be alive with... View Post
  • Hello nicobella friends, Are you a big fan* of peanuts like us?*Big fan=you snack on them daily, add them to stir fries, include them in smoothies, eat peanut butter out of the jar and love peanut butter dressings and sauces.If you are the definition of a big fa... View Post
  • Various studies have shown that those who follow a plant-based, or mostly-plant-based diet, can lower body weight and decrease blood sugar, lowering the risk of diabetes.  The 2011 Adventist Health study was the first prospective study (the researcher follow a group of participants over time) to ... View Post