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  • Yep, it's true. Eating dark chocolate can increase circulation and lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate has even been studied during pregnancy, showing that expecting women who ate dark chocolate during pregnancy had a lower incidence of high blood pressure, which equates to a healthier pregnancy... View Post
  • Reflecting on an incredible yoga class tonight (it was all about yoga and gene expression) and continuing with the yoga inspiration from the past three days, today's wellness series post is about our breath.  There are two types of breathing: involuntary and voluntary. We would not be alive with... View Post
  • Still questioning why go plant-based for Veganuary? Don't worry, we have you covered! We will inundate you until you just can't say no to plants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. ;) Last week we mentioned why plant-based eating is key for diabetes prevention and blood sugar control. Today, let's c... View Post