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13 Health-Related Reasons to Choose a Plant-Based Diet Posted on 07 Jan 18:17 , 0 comments

Just to name a few...

  1. Prevent diabetes
  2. Lower cholesterol
  3. Lower blood pressure
  4. Improve memory
  5. Decrease incidence of Alzheimers
  6. Decrease incidence of osteoporosis
  7. Improve energy levels
  8. Radiating Skin
  9. Better eye sight
  10. Battle fatigue
  11. Reduce symptoms of arthritis
  12. Weight loss
  13. Boost fiber intake

More on each of these soon, but, overall, when you bump up your plant intake you are increasing the amount of fiber in your diet, reducing overall calories, adding healthy healing fats and exponentially increasing phytonutrients, which help with just about everything on the list. Tonight, while you are making dinner, add some additional broccoli and carrots to your meal, or any of your favorite veggies. The key is lots of color! The more color the greater the variety of phytonutrients you'll receive. 

Ps. A piece of good quality dark chocolate after a meal counts as a plant!

Pps. Recommend organic whenever possible.

What is a phytonutrient? "Phyto" is the Greek word for plant. They are substances found within plants that help to fight disease, build the immune system and prevent age-related illnesses. There are over 25,000 phytonutrients found in plants!

Veganuary: What Is Vegan? Posted on 04 Jan 08:44 , 0 comments

"Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose."-Vegan Society 

Why go vegan? 

  • For your health
  • For the environment
  • For animals

The above reasons don't necessarily fall in that order for each person. For example, I personally started to eat more plant-based foods for my health. My motivation to eat more plant-based started with health, but became more ethically-driven as I watched more undercover videos and documentaries about the factory farm industry. I couldn't believe what I did not know for most of my life! As I learned more about what happens in factory farms, my plant-based conviction grew even stronger. There is also huge impact on the environment when choosing plant-based. I call these three key points the triangle effect of plant-based eating. You are significantly helping three areas when you choose to incorporate more veggies: yourself, the planet and animals

What are your personal motivations for incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet? 

I use the word plant-based because sometimes the 'v' word labels and isolates vegans, creating a separation of 'us and them'. When there are no labels associated with eating more plant-based foods (similar to diet labeling, which I do not believe in) it's easier to transition into a plant-based lifestyle by doing what's best for you. Perhaps you are making Meatless Monday your plant-based day or incorporating one plant-based meal a day. Whatever steps you are taking towards plant-based, be it small or large, it's all good! Don't feel like you need to jump in with both feet or that it's all or nothing. Small steps are actually big steps!

Once you start incorporating more plants into your life you will notice a few things about your health:

  • radiating skin
  • brighter eyes
  • more energy
  • clear focus
  • better concentration
  • lower cholesterol
  • decrease blood pressure
  • feeling happier 
  • stronger bones
  • less anxiety
  • and many more!

We will continue to highlight the benefits of plant-based eating on our blog and through social media. Make sure to follow us for tips, recipes and inspiration. And, please let us know your thoughts, questions and feedback through email or comments. We want to be on the plant-based journey with you and hear how it's positively affecting your lifestyle. 

Here's to new beginnings and a healthy YOU!



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