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  • It is finally Fall, and pumpkin spice is in the air! As more of a savory alternative to your pumpkin indulgences, today we are sharing a creamy pumpkin garlic sauce packed with kale and topped with crunchy roasted chickpeas. For the sauce you will need: 1 cup raw cashews 2 15 oz. cans of pumpk... View Post
  • Think you have to sit out of all the festivities today? Think again! Plant based chocolate milk is delicious AND nutritious! Our hot cocoa mix blends perfectly when mixed with your favorite plant based milk to give you that rich chocolate-y you are craving!  Did you know that cacao powder is pac... View Post
  •   The rich full taste of this completely plant based potato salad will have you fooled when you see how simple it is to make! No processed oils needed here! Just the power of plants! Having some savory potato cravings? Try this recipe to mix it up! What you will need: 1.5 lbs small gold pota... View Post
  •   This fun blend of spices & flavors is sure it step up your fry game as well as give you a healthier option to this commonly craved indulgence! As our long Labor Day weekend approaches, consider adding this fun side dish to your BBQ menu! These no oil sweet potato fries are full of vitamin ... View Post
  • This queso not only tastes amazing, but you will also be getting a much bigger bang for your buck in the nutrient department! This recipe, unlike its high fat dairy friend, is providing inflammation fighting antioxidants, fiber, and plant based protein. The butternut squash base adds a high amoun... View Post
  •     Brighten up your Monday, or any day, with this snazzy summer salad! This blend of simple yet beautiful plant foods will be sure to fill your mouth with flavor, and your body with all the nutrients it is craving on these hot summer days!  Salad: Bok choy (rinsed and raw) Tangerines Pomegrana... View Post
  • Waffles are a fun breakfast option, however, they typically are not very nutrient dense and made with processed grains and sugars. Because of this, they are seen more like a dessert than an healthy breakfast. So next time you are craving a pancake with abs, try these Blueberry Blender Waffles! Th... View Post
  • Are you a scone lover? What's awesome about scones is that you can enjoy them as an afternoon treat with a cup of tea or grab one for breakfast on your way out the door. What's even more awesome about these particular scones is that they are lower in sugar than traditional scones and high fiber,... View Post