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  • During the month of February, feel good, not only knowing that nicobella chocolate is good for your health, but is also helping animals in need. A portion of all sales will be donated to the sweet animals at Full Circle Farm Sanctuary. We have spent time at the beautiful Sanctuary, meeting all of... View Post
  • Happy Halloween! To get the whole family into the Halloween spirit here is something fun you can do with pretty much any home-made black bean burger. Make it into a Spooky Eye Ball Black Bean BOOger by rolling it into a ball, baking it then adding your eye ball of choice. I chose hummus and red... View Post
  • Yum! Just the thought of eating grilled cheese again makes me feel very nostalgic and extremely excited. But this is for kids so let's focus on kids in this moment. No doubt that grilled cheese is a kid's favorite. What happens when you are trying to raise a vegan child? You have vegan grilled ch... View Post
  •   If you're considering or following a vegan diet, B12 and plant based omega 3's are good for reassurance. You can get B12 from fortified nutritional yeast but unless you are adding it daily it might be tough to get the amount you need to prevent deficiency. Also symptoms of B12 deficiency often ... View Post