Thank you for your support!

Hello friends and family!

Phew, it's been a while. I hope this finds you doing really well and my apologies for being so out of touch. I closed the nicobella store this past summer with intentions of taking a short needed break and making some changes to the company operations. 

During this time, I've come to the difficult decision to close the company. It comes with a very heavy heart as I think about the support you've provided and the friendships I've made with so many of you over the past nine years. I am truly grateful for nicobella and honored to have connected with you through our mutual love of chocolate, health, sustainability and animal-welfare. I cannot express my gratitude enough for your continued support. As in any business, there were many moments when I struggled with challenges. And, in those moments, I would receive an email with a positive note, story or comment from YOU. Thank you for being there when I needed you most (even though you didn't know it at the time) and being an essential part of the nicobella journey. 

I started nicobella because 1.) I love dark chocolate and 2.) I wanted a platform to build a community around plant-based eating and wellness. Through nicobella, my passion for the environment and animal-welfare has continued to grow, in addition to my love for plants. However, much of my time over the past years has been dedicated to growing and sustaining the company, leaving little time to devote to my true passions. 

Therefore, after much deliberation, it's time to let the product component go and instead focus on the lifestyle component by getting back to my roots in nutrition and the plant-based lifestyle. I'd like to introduce a new endeavor called Purely Planted where I'll be offering nutrition and lifestyle coaching, kitchen makeovers, recipe creations and more. I'd love for us to stay connected through email, social media or in person. My goal is to keep the plant-based vibrations high through an active, vibrant community and to help individuals transition to a delicious and sustainable plant-based lifestyle. I hope you'll join me so we can make big changes together for our health, the environment and animal welfare. 

Once again, family and friends, I cannot thank you enough for your support over the past nine years. It's been a beautiful journey with you that will forever be imprinted in my heart. 

In great health, peace and happiness—your friend, nichole

P.S. I still love dark chocolate after nine years of dark chocolate tasting daily! And I'm probably just as sad as you about not eating another lime basil or lavender mint nicobella truffle again. Thankfully there are some rock solid, kick a**, delicious Fair Trade chocolate companies that we can all love and support. Looking forward to exchanging ideas on favorite new chocolates with you!


  • Posted by Jeff OHagan on

    Best tasting dark chocolate of all time. Love you bff. Doorways to more giving and loving. Xo

  • Posted by Bobbie on

    Amazing company. Amazing product. Will never find another like you. Will miss Nicobella but wish you success with Purelyplanted. I know you will soar.

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