Thanksgiving Ideas for Your Guests and 15% Off!

Are you ready for your Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends? Here are some cruelty-free ideas to make your guests feel extra special. 

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Pumpkin Chai Truffles for Dessert

About: Organic pumpkin, a great source of beta carotene, is mixed with just the right amount of natural sweetener and spice for a delicious treat reminiscent of chocolate pumpkin pie. Made with organic and Fair Trade 70% dark chocolate. 

Benefits: Pumpkin is a fantastic source of carotenoids, which are antioxidants that help to maintain skin tissue and prevent wrinkling. Pumpkin seeds are also packed with nutrients such as potassium, zinc and essential fatty acids. 

A Little Gift at Each Table Setting

Place a cute 2-piece box of truffles or a bag of maple nut munch at each table setting as a fun way to let your friends and family know you are grateful for them. 

Warm and Cozy Cup of Hot Cocoa 

We love our hot cocoa with unsweetened almond milk, but any plant-based milk will make this nutrient-rich, pressed cacao powder even more rich and delicious. Top with dark chocolate shavings or drop a pumpkin chai truffle in the hot cocoa for pumpkin chai chocolate bliss!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving week with family and friends💜

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