With nicobella truffles we start with high antioxidant 70% organic dark chocolate. Instead of using the cream and butter that is traditionally found in the creamy ganache center of traditional truffles, we use coconut milk and coconut oil. Then we add “super” foods like blueberries, green tea, ginger and pumpkin to make our truffles even healthier. And they taste delicious! You do not have to be vegan to enjoy these (although we love our vegan community). They’re great for foodies, chocoholics, hosts, health-nuts and you! Our truffles are lower in sugar compared to traditional truffles because we use only a touch of either agave nectar or brown rice syrup at the end of our special recipe. When you try them, you’ll notice that they more rich and less sweet.  This means that you will not experience those highs and lows that you may feel when you eat sweets with too much sugar. Instead, nicobella truffles will give you a burst of energy from the theobromine and other potent compounds found in our slow roasted dark chocolate. In addition to the benefits found in the high antioxidant chocolate that enrobes our delicious truffles, you will also be getting a nice source of antioxidants and nutrients from the healthy whole foods that we use to create each unique truffle flavor. All of this and only 45-65 calories a treat! Here's to a healthy chocolate addiction!

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